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Hi, I'm Moayad Sallabi 

{FU Academy} Founder


After years of unprofitable and inconsistent trading, I decided to quit all of my jobs and studies to pursue trading full-time. It was all or nothing. In just one year after that, I was able to start making more in a day than I used to in a month; once you taste this, you won't be able to go back.

Although the money is great, trading is such a lonely game that I decided to build an avid community of traders to help them follow the same steps I did but in a shorter time. it also meant I could have a great group of traders around me, win-win!  I've assisted hundreds of people in becoming 5-6 figure traders.

My philosophy is straightforward. Do the opposite of what most people do. As a result, we look at the chart very differently than everyone else.



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Moayad Sallabi



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