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"Seeing is believing..."

Here’s What Our Students Are Saying About FU Academy…


"FU Academy is one of the best online trading academies for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced traders. If you are looking to become a more confident trader and pinpoint your entries. I noticed after taking the training, that I am able to trade with more discipline and confidence. Scaling down from higher TFs and taking entries from smaller TFs has improved so much for me.

Nikki J.

"I thought I had everything figured out but nothing was clicking and it was becoming more and more frustrating.

After stumbling across mo on YouTube I decided to try out his course and I haven't regretted it once. I've been on a few various courses to learn how to trade but I can honestly say hands down none have the community I've found here, who are willing to answer any questions you have. Which makes the process of becoming profitable so much easier, and on top of that the system they use makes you understand the markets in such a clear way." 

Josh H.

"I wanna start this by saying that I’ve subscribed to many trading courses and communities in the past and I’m currently in 3 different trading communities and if I’ve to recommend only one out of all the trading communities I would recommend FU academy without any hesitation. There are a lot of people selling courses and making infinite promises but they can’t deliver on those promises. FU academy is everything they say and promise.

Syed B.

Trading is more than just signals and strategy.


It’s about learning from experienced, profitable traders and getting a blueprint to succeed in the long run. We have been hard at work for the last 5 years to create the most legit, comprehensive, & easy-to-understand Training Program for beginners as well as experienced traders.


Why most traders are failing right now..

Does this sound like you?....

No Logic behind their trades 

Most traders learn a technique based on patterns or indications and learn it very well. The problem is that they don't understand the concept.

Is it really due to a triangular pattern that the market is moving the way it is? How can you expect to be disciplined to a system if you don't grasp the logic behind it?

Lack a Traders mindset 

The trading markets resemble a battlefield. To join the battlefield, you must be physically and mentally prepared.

Many traders who have a decent strategy do not have the necessary trading mindset, which is the downfall of most unsuccessful traders. Everyone teaches you strategies, but no one teaches you trading psychology....

Lack of Serious Training

I don't blame you... how can you expect to succeed in such a difficult profession by watching some mediocre courses put together in less than a month that consist of 10-20 random lessons?

EFFORT = RESULT. The training process will define your outcome. 

The Success Formula........

"To become a professional you must learn like a professional"

An all-in-one Training Program 

A step-by-step Training program running you through the absolute basics of forex, to the fundamental concepts of smart money, pyschology, risk management and finally orderflow footprints training. The last program you'll ever need!

Weekly Zoom training Sessions 

practise makes perfect, whats the point in learning something from a video if you cant spot the same thing on the charts? this is why we host weekly zoom calls to solidify what you've learnt on the program so you can see some live trading from professionals themselves.


Like-minded Community 

One of the biggest orderflow communities in the industry, join a community of like-minded people and excel your growth. 

The 3 Components to Professional Trading with us.

Trading with Logic 

Learn smart money concepts as a foundation for price action analysis in your system. This is critical in helping us in identifying potential profitable trading opportunities. That is something that any SM educators will teach you.

Where we differ is that we show you how to take advantage of the orderflow footprints. This assists us in determining whether a trade will go in our favor or not by analyzing the current flow of orders in candles to provide you with an indication of the current market state. We don't strive to trade the past or forecast the future; instead, we aim to trade in the NOW!


Build a Traders Mindset

Along with one of the most powerful concepts you will come across, to be consistent with it, we train you to develop bullet-proof discipline in the market, by understanding the different emotions a trader goes through and developing coping mechanisms for them through our video course and 1 weekly mindset live session a week. Remember trading is 60% your mindset. 


Interactive Learning Techniques


Videos are great, but how can we really solidify what we learn? with practice! What better way to practice than with homework, quizzes, and live training sessions? Repetition is key. We are not only good traders at Fu Academy, but we are also effective learners; using the right learning material in the right way can accelerate your learning process in unfathomable ways!

Trade with logic..

We can understand current market behavior by using Orderflow footprints in our analysis. We are not concerned with what has occurred in the past or what may occur in the future; rather, we are concerned with the NOW. Consider how orderflow provides logical confirmations. How can you be disciplined about something you don't understand? How do you know an orderblock will hold if you don't know the strength of the buyers and sellers?


Become the funded trader you've always wanted to become...

What impact will becoming a profitable trader make in your life? Invest in yourself and your future with our premium, customized programs...

SMC Training


One-time payment

  • Access to Smart Money Course
  •   2 Live training sessions a week
  • Access to the FU Academy Community chats
  • Quizzes & Practical Assignments
  • Diploma with GPA
  • Final Exam 
  • Discount on signal 

Orderflow Training


One-time payment


  • Access to Orderflow Footprints Course 
  •  2 Live training sessions a week
  • Access to the FU Academy Community chats
  • Quizzes & Practical Assignments
  • Diploma with GPA
  • Final Exam 
  • Discount on signals 

1-1 Mentorship


One-time payment


  • Full training program included
  • 10 1-1 Live Sessions with Moayad
  • Private line of communication with Moayad
  • Assemble your Trading plan with the help of Moayad Personally.
  • Motivational messages and check-ups      
  • Quizzes & Practical Asssigments 
  • Free Signals access 
  • Final Exam
  • Diploma with GPA

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