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What you'll get:

  • Access to the Basics Course 

  •  2 Live training sessions a week

  • Access to the FU Academy Community chats

  • Quizzes & Practical Assignments

What People Are Saying:

Signing up with FU has been life changing i never really understood charts before but i have finished the enclusive course which went through every detail you need to know to get started as a trader and now i can say i have a bigger understanding and grasp of analysing charts this didnt feel like study as watching the videos were enjoyable and i loved every second of it the community is very helpful and will guide you through anything you are struggling with definitely worth the money and time !!!

Stefan Valentic

i`ve been watching @MoayadSallabi long time on his youtube channel and his presentation of the market is one of the best i have seen and i have done some other courses and i couldn`t even listen them to the end, so i`ve bought his forex program few weeks ago, went true course and now i am watching order flow concept and i am not sorry for a $ that i`ve put in this course...i always say that the knowledge is not expensive, expensive is ignorance and i have been true that so.... explanation is simple, especially for those who have never encountered a market before and giving a lot of knowledge on discord...so i gave him 10 not just 5...just be humble and learn...

Zan Bjorn Oslak